February 14, 2007

Some Facebook Groups Concerning Music

  • All Hail Brad Lubman!
  • Baroque Opera is Way Happenin'
  • Christa Ludwig, awesomest Singer Ever
  • Down with Equal Temperament
  • Franz Liszt 4 Life
  • French Music Lovers
  • Got Perfect Pitch?
  • I Live By the Sonata Principle
  • I love Elliott Carter and Polyrhythmic Syncopation!!
  • I'm A Fermata...Hold Me
  • I'm Glad Pluto's No Longer a Planet; It Makes Gustav Holst's Suite Complete
  • I'm such a music freak that I harmonize with the fire alarm...
  • I wish I were an +6 chord so you could bring resolution to my raised member
  • Mahler Is A Bad Ass!!!
  • Modal Majority
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Accompanists
  • Scriabin Is THE Bad Ass!!!
  • We Bang Steinways!
  • you know Louis Andriessen would be MIND-BLOWING in bed
At the time of this posting, "Baroque Opera is Way Happenin'" has 532 members, 106 revolutionaries are fighting the good fight against equal temperament, and 63 sex-perverts lust eagerly after Louis Andriessen.

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