October 18, 2006

Link and Run

Darcy James Argue has a very thoughtful review of a recent Reich show at the Whitney. Key quote:
The formal and conceptual rigor of Steve Reich's compositions made groove music intellectually respectable in classical music circles, but it's the rhythmic authority of his band's own performances that made the case for his music so compelling, and served as the model for other musicians to attempt his works. Once Reich became established and canonized, his music's demands become part of the skillset that today's conservatory-trained students are expected to master.
Other quote o' the day, this one from an anonymous citation (*gasp*, how unacademic) in a history of Gilded Age America I'm reading. The rise of pop culture in America brought with it what this person described as "lunch-counter art." The metaphor works thusly: "But then art is so vague, and lunch is so real." One can only assume this remark was made pre-Hopper.

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Hey Adam,

Thanks for the link. Very cool blog, BTW. I love your "In C" post. Another one for Ye Olde Arr-Ess-Ess feed.