September 18, 2009


So, it's time to give this blogging thing another go. It's been a while, but I've got some new ideas on what to do with this space. There'll be fewer multi-page musico-analytical sprawl-jobs, more breadth and variety.

FWIW, sometime in the past two years, blogs stopped being the it format online. Blogs are everywhere. Every content-spewing website has their formal writings and each writer has at least one blog for letting their hair down. Can you really be cool as a blogger in this kind of environment? The edgy stuff has shifted to Twitter and other so-called social sites, but I'll leave those media to the prospectors for now. Staidness, predictability, and boredom have their distinct delights.

As they say, more to come.


Daniel Wolf said...

Looking forward to more words, Adam, and perhaps some new music as well?

Adam Baratz said...

Thanks for checking in. Music-writing is one thing I haven't stopped. Some of it will definitely make its way here.